Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Blog Spotlight: Interior design & furniture blogs

Most of the blogs I read revolve around the personal finance world. However, the two blogs I am going to feature today are the only two blogs that I read that are all about interior design and furniture. Here we go....

Ikea Hacker is a blog that combines 2 of my favorite things - Ikea & making something out of something else. Some of the hacks posted are really more of an arty thing, some are quick, easy projects that anyone could do, and some are all about making something that you just couldn't find anywhere else. This one has got to be my favorite, though - even if it doesn't use much that is specifically "ikea-esk".


The Inspired Room is written by Melissa Michaels who is an interior design consultant by trade. In every blog post, she incorporates dozens of photos from magazines and from around the web. Even though every picture might not be my style, I tend to be inspired by at least one or two details. She talks about her family, her recent move, and her love for small cottages on her blog.
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