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Crazy life...

I haven't posted in a while... maybe because I feel like I don't have time to breathe... yeah, that's it. Anyway, I'm taking some time this morning, 'cuz I don't have to leave all that early to get to work. Everyday of the week I have something at 10am... I just can't wait to sleep in on SUNDAY! :-)
Today I have work from 10-3... but I'm hoping I can work from 10-12 and then from 1-4, 'cuz Encore rehearsal is finally scheduled... for in the middle of work.. the only problem would be be that it is right over lunch time! Yuck! And Ellen usually takes lunch starting at 12:30 or 1... so if she waits 'til 1, that'll be fine.... it doesn't have to be a regular occurance, but the next two weeks are hectic since we are preparing for the Service of Lessons and Carols and for caroling at the old-people's home. Would be nice to sound good, ;-P Oh, and then from 4-6 I have Club Review Board... last quarter it was only one hour, but we usually had to rush to finish stuff... but I have a feeling that now the meetings will drag on and on... just as long as Dave is still coming.. he's cute and he always sits next to me. :-) What else, what else? I don't know what I'm doing tonight, but it will probably involve a board game with the roomies.. Sarah brought over Cranium a few days ago and I'm dying to try it out. :-) My browser just crashed... what the heck? d'oh.
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