Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

LOST Season 5 Premiere Party (no spoilers)

Last night, Mike and I had our own little LOST premiere party. I decided earlier in the day that it would be fun to have a themed dinner to go along with the 3 hours of awesomeness that we were about to watch. So, I threw a little something together. Mike was late, so he missed the presentation, which is why I took pictures. Check it out over on flickr.

I really liked the way the episodes came together and we were sad when it was over. Can't wait for next week! I'd also like to watch them again this weekend, which I will probably do.

EDIT: In the spirit of keeping this post spoiler-free, please, no spoilers in the comments. :-) But if you wish to discuss, PM me on LJ or send me an e-mail. :-)
Tags: food, lost, party, tv
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