Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

I has a vacuum!

I got a dirt devil featherlite today and it's all assembled and I already vacuumed the carpet by the front door, the hallway, and most of the kitchen. It might take a bit of doing to get the whole living room vacuumed, but at least I can have a clean place to put my new tv stand and tv when it arrives. :-) As much as I liked my roomba, it's not very good at tough jobs (as is evidence by the circular mark in the carpet by the front door where she sat for like 10 minutes at one point trying desperately to get it clean. Yeah. Anyway, YAY clean! I might finally get to use my swiffer wetjet in the kitchen woo! :-D

Also, I found a mixed CD that I made in college and I'm listening to it. Ahhh.. random a cappella stuff. :-)
Tags: apartment
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