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This Weekend....

Yeah, so I have the same problem as Heather... I don't update this thing if I'm really happy... which is why I haven't written about this weekend yet. It was AWESOME! Friday night I worked on some homework and figured some stuff out. I had a bit of a problem but I e-mailed the prof and had it all worked out by Saturday morning... Friday night we also watched Robin Hood... which was very cool... I'm ready for more Disney Trivial Pursuit now!

Saturday morning I called my mom and we chatted for a while, it sounds like I'll be going home with the Graeff's... so mom and dad won't be driving around like crazy people all week. Mom is getting Aunt Karin this week,too!... Hopefully nothing goes wrong with that!! No backing out, Karin!!!!!

And Saturday I finished my lab report and my prelab which means that I'm all caught up with work 'til Thursday! \/\/007! Very cool. Saturday afternoon/evening went off without a hitch! We had the mall event with the Polished Brass and the Brick City Singers! We set up and I got some Christmas shopping done... and then I had dinner that consisted of Auntie Anne's Pretzels and a Vanilla Coke. Yummy! I decided to treat myself... well deserved. Everyone did great.... well, except for one song, but nothing to dwell on. :-) And I got pictures and Dan recorded it with the sounds system... pics and files will probably be posted on the Brick City Singers website.... Very cool! Happiness!

And then of course, Sunday was AWESOME! Encore and Brick City sang at a nursing home in the morning and that went well. The old people are so cute!
And then in the afternoon there was the Service of Lessons and Carols... it was great! It was Encore's first public performance of the year! Very exciting... everything went smoothly and the organ didn't flip out at us! That was good. All the songs that we were so worried about last week were awesome.. I will never doubt us again... we kicked the Bach pieces into submission.. they were goreous... I hope we work on them some more and record them in the spring... that'd be cool... The music was so good, that Heather nearly passed out... I think that's pretty good... we should be more careful next time, though. :-P Sorry, Heather! Well, that's enough for now...
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