Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

My Fat Tuesday So Far

First I made some Alleluias and Hallelujahs and put them away. No more of those until Easter!

Here's my Alleluias and the box!

Alleluias in the box...

Bye-bye, Alleluias!

I'm not Catholic, but a great explanation about the Alleluias going away during Lent can be found here. Some people actually bury a banner that says Alleluia as a symbolic gesture. I just chose to put mine in a box. They'll be going up on the wall at Easter.

It is tradition to eat fat-and-sugar laden foods the day before Ash Wednesday... you know, right before we give it all up! (in theory) So, tonight I decided that crepes would be simple and I had everything on hand. I used Alton Brown's Recipe. Honestly, I wasn't highly impressed. I need to get the recipe we used to use from my mom. There was OJ in it, but no zest. Hm.

Anyway, here's what the first one (that worked) looked like:

Strawberry Jam & Apple Topping

The first two folded, and one with Peach Jam.

I'm stuffed. :-) YAY
Tags: food, life, religion
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