Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


I've written about this program before, but now they have a referral program, so I thought I'd tell everyone to join again (and have 90% of you potentially ignore me. :-P)

YouData is a website that seeks to connect consumers directly with advertisers. You fill out some simple questions (ie, your hobbies, what your household is like, etc) and then YouData matches you up with some advertisements for websites and products you might be interested in. Here's the kicker - you get paid for each advertisement you view. Now, I won't lie, it's not a ton of cash. But, your earnings go directly into your paypal account every Friday. EVERY FRIDAY! Any given week (when I remember to check the site), I make between fifty cents and a dollar. For about 1 minute of my time. Now that my profile is set up (which probably took a total of 10 minutes), all I have to do is log in, click on some ads and that's it. I usually just close the websites that open when you click on the ads. But sometimes they are interesting and I check them out. Either way, I still get paid. I've definitely made $20+ since I joined last August, which is better than I can say for a lot of survey sites out there.
Tags: life, link, review, side-hustle
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