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Walking to class...

So I was just locking the door to go to my 10am class this morning, and who comes out of the apartment on the other side, but Kate Woolburt! How freaky! I didn't even know she was living on campus! So we got to walk to class together. I hadn't talked to her for a while, so that was cool. I know one of my neighbors! Weird! Nifty! (And apparently she knows Steve-o, she said she saw him going into our apartment once... yeah, that one time.)

In other news, I did well on my Am. Politics test today... which is why I'm home now! *yea* for more time to pack which I'm using to write this entry! :-)

Also, on my way back, I saw a sock... just one. I'm still trying to understand the concept of the "Lost Sock Phenomenon" as I like to call it.... I mean, how does one black, gold-toed men's sock end up under the over hang of building 9? Where is the other sock? Does the other sock know that it is missing it's pair? Does the lost sock know it's lost or is it just sitting there like it would in the drawer waiting to be put on? How does one sock get lost? Is that where socks go after the dryer eats them? Do they just apperate(lj suggested "Watergate" as the correct spelling to this word) to a random location? What about socks that end up on the side of the highway? Or shoes for that matter? I just have a lot of questions without any answers. Blah.

Time to go hang up my wash.


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Dec. 19th, 2002 11:33 am (UTC)
Kate moved into our building at the beginning of the quarter (I saw her carrying stuff into her apt and said hi... or maybe she said hi first, don't remember). If i'd known you knew her, I'd have mentioned it. She's a film major (not my year, though), so I've seen her around. She does indeed know Stevo. Greg Madore, knows her too. But that's hardly surprising... she's a film major.
Dec. 19th, 2002 01:00 pm (UTC)
Yeah, she was only the Producer of the Fall show last year and the President of the RIT Players... but I wouldn't know her.. :-P

hehehehe...just kiddin' witcha.
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