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Not much...

As usual, a day at home consists of "not much"... Aunt Karin and I made a LOT of cookies... and then she made the wonderful "family recipe" Ambroisa cake... we dont' get to eat it yet! And then I did a bit of Christmas decorating... Mom left me the living room(that we don't actually live in... 'tis very confusing and I haven't gotten the names of the rooms correct yet!). And this evening some family friends came over and visited for a bit... they moved to Richmond, VA a few years ago(got out of Hershey before all the Hullabaloo.... lucky them) and he is now working for a Swedish match/tobacco company. The kids don't sound to excited about the morals involved in that, but it puts food on the table, right? So they don't mind too much, the are really adjusted down there, too. What else? Um... not much... played the piano quite a bit... and Albert has taken to writing music... except, that means I get to go through and correct all the notation(or in some cases, just do a bit of "dication".. he plays and I write). His favourite that he wrote is quite good... it just needs a few more movements and he could become the next Mozart.. or Shubert as the case may be... :-P Let's see.. what else... Well, since there I said there was nothing much going on and now I've rambled for quite some time, I suppose it is time to finish up since it is cold in here... Tomorrow is the Christmas Pagent(my mom is Elizabeth(850yr old pregnant woman), my sis is a Townsperson, and my brother is a Shepard... he has also decided that he doesn't want to do it... should be interesting.. I'm sure I'll get a post out of that! :-)
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