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Might as well post

I was up "late" last night, so now I'm extra tired... off to NJ tomorrow for 24 hours of visiting with the Relatives. Should be interesting... Karin is coming with us... a first! :-)

The pageant on Sunday went well... I was impressed.. but it would have been better if my mom could memorize her lines! She is so silly... and busy, so I don't blame her... especially since she was told that the part was a non-speaking part. oh well...

I went to the Dentist today; he says I have a receding gum line on a few of my lower outside teeth... nothing that can be stopped, I might need gum-grafts by next year... or they might stabilize and I won't need anything... we will see... I also made my next appointment for 6/24... who knows if I'll be home!!!
My sister is being a pain and wants to be online right now since I am... but now I'm kinda done... so I have to find something that looks important to do for a while... hehehe...
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