Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Day #1 plan

As of this moment, I get the keys to my/our new apartment/townhouse on Wednesday, June 24th. At this point, I have some stuff packed, but I do feel like I have quite a ways to go. I haven't touched the kitchen. The "other room" is a mess, but I think it's further along than it looks at the moment. I am alternating between feeling completely overwhelmed and semi-motivated.

Anyway, I am currently making a list of items that I will need to have for the first day of moving. The day I get my keys, my parents, brother, and Mike will be starting to move all the big furniture! ....while I'm at work. So, I want to make sure they have everything they need. If you can think of anything that needs to be added to this list, let me know!!!

Move-in Day Items
Paper Towels/Rags
Bags for Trash
Toilet Paper
Hand Towels
Hand Soap
Tissue Box
Water Bottles (put in fridge!)
Lamp (? - check lighting)

Anything else anyone can think of?
Tags: family, life, moving
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