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Finally Home...

Well, due to the weather, we were stuck in NJ for an extra day... which meant doing some more nothing at Grandma's house... I got Trivial Pursuit 20th anniversary version and a scrabble-esk game called Ipswitch... we played it, but not by the rules... I think that was the problem... it's more like making your own crossword puzzle(everyone has their own board)... which is totally different than the scrabble strategy...
I think we'll get to play TP on New Year's Eve... and hopefully *crosses fingers* that won't be too disastrous with my family... they aren't exactly the biggest game people... should be interesting... anyway, I don't know when I will be getting an presents because my dad is having problems being decisive...and Santa can't come until Monday... because my sister is working Fri and Sat and Sunday is our Service of Lessons and Carols(I get to read this time!)... and everyone has to be home in the morning for Santa to come(he always stops at our house on the way back to the North Pole). Anyway, what else... oh, yes... I need to remember to make kisses today(cookies).... and do some homework... woo-hoo... fun homework... maybe I'll find something better to do instead... oh, I also have to work on my Churches website... I'll probably get to that next week... oooh... and I can read the fan fiction that Cindi got me started on... maybe I'll do that right now... Hope Everyone Had a Happy Christmas! :-)
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