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No hockey...

Well, the weather offically sucks. I hate it. It is so icy here!... says my parents. I don't think it's that bad. I also think that they are being overly-worried. I think we could have made it just fine if we had left at 9am, like originally planned. School was cancelled for today. I don't think that helped the decision(which I was not PART OF!!) at all. So, I won't be in Rochester this evening... hopefully for tomorrow.. but who knows? I can't help wondering what would have happend if today was Sunday and I had classes tomorrow morning... we would have had to leave, right? blah....
Well the most sucky thing is that I'm ALL PACKED UP... there is not a single trace of me or my stuff in my bed room... this also means that I'm reduced to using the family computer for internet access... which sucks, too... granted, it's Dial-up either way, but my modem is better than their's(haha!)...

And now I'm just upset. And I don't know what to do now, because I'm bored... And I can't work on my homework, or the website or anything because it's all packed up and on my computers... Blah! Maybe we'll find a movie to watch and make popcorn...

but first I'll see how long it takes to load the homestarrunner website. Shall be interesting.
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