Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Swagbucks - have you joined yet?

I just emptied the entire contents ($40+) of my paypal account into my bank accounts so I can use it to pay my bills. Some of that $40 was from Pinecone Research surveys, a small bit was from YouData, but $20 was deposited today -- From Swagbucks!

I can not say enough about how awesome swagbucks is. Until recently, I spent all my swagbucks on amazon giftcards - an excellent way to get some of those items on my wishlist. But, within the last month, Paypal has become an option for spending those swagbucks! Actual cash is very helpful these days when we need to pay bills much more than we need to obtain a few more DVDs or whatever.

Getting swagbucks is easy - search the internet. Seriously, that's it. Their search engine is a mash-up of google and I am always searching something, even if it's just "movie title imdb" or "muskrat wiki".
You can search from the site, or you can use the search bar (IE) or add it to your search-engine list (Firefox).

And, right now they are having a special promotion that if you join now and then enter the code NEWBIE, you will start off with 5 swagbucks! A $5 amazon GC is 45 SB and $5 to your paypal account is 70, for some perspective. So, Sign up now!
Tags: link, side-hustle
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