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Finally caught up!

Well, I'm finally caught up reading everyone else's LJ, so I figured I'd post my own entry now.
We(My aunt Karin and my mother and I) left yesterday at about 10:30am. We got up here and we went straight to Wegman's.. it was about 4:30, I guess. Got lots of food... and we had packed a cooler with food from home, too! So I'm set for the rest of the quarter... :-P Oh, so then we hung around the apartment, had some snacks, and then went to the HOCKEY GAME! I was so happy... they LOVED IT! My mom was saying "Oh, SHIT!" and she agrees with me on the fact that a large group of people saying "oh, shit" in unison is definately a magical thing. :-D After the game we went to Bugaboo Creek and I purposely didn't finish so I would have some left for dinner tonight. Then we came back to the apt. and hung out... had some tea, showed them how the digital cable works("ooo...COOL!"... so sheltered. hehe) Then sleepies at about 1am!!!! Craziness. :-P This morning, we got up around 9, and had breakfast and just chilled. It was tons of fun and now my printer is full of ink and I am on strict orders to find all the recordings of "Stardust" that exist... hehe... We went to Dibella's at about 2pm for lunch... we got 8 medium subs, 3 sodas, and a pickle. The people there thought we were nuts. We just told them that we are in the import/export business. :-) Which is paritally true... we brought up NJ bagles and rye bread from PA to NY... and then NY Subs back to PA... :-D
And now it is just starting to sink in how much work I have... luckily most of it is not due this week... meaning I have a lot of work to do over the next week and a half.. approx. I better get going! :-)
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