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The Princess Bride

400 pages. An amazing 400 pages that I finished in the time between Friday and Now. Just now, like 5 minutes ago. And I am completely blown away.

I would like to clarify one thing, though. I read William Goldman's abridgement of S. Morganstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure: as The Princess Bride. Let's just say, the man was a genius, and I really like the way Goldman abridged it, makes you interested, and even more so, makes you interested after seeing the movie(screenplay by Goldman himself)... interested to the point where, I feel like jumping on a plane and going to Florin(a place that really exists, for those of you who have seen the movie and have not yet had the wonderful experience of reading the book) and visiting the Cliffs of Insanity, braving the Fire Swamp(even though it is forbidden for anyone to enter), tooling around in the Theive's Corner, checking out whatever is around and then heading straight into the whirlpool towards One Tree Island to visit Westley, Buttercup, Inigo, and Fezzik. All whom still reside there today, I'm now convinced of this.

This book has had two major effects on me since I put it down few short(long) moments ago... I suppose the effects go hand in hand, but I shall list them separately just for the sake of listing.

1) This book has made me believe in True Love. True Love to the point of It beating all Odds, altering Time Itself and making those who are participants Inconceivably, Immortal. I now believe this with all of my heart and soul.

2) I now feel extremely depressed. Because, if the above(#1) assumption/belief/fact/whatever is true... then have there been any cases of True Love? Wouldn't we know it? Wouldn't there be people all around who were truely Immortal because of it? And this is very depressing, because obviously, there aren't. And unless Immortal is different than I imagine it(and I certainly hope so, because I am not very imaginative, and my current vision of Immortality involves wrinkly skin), then there have been very few cases of True Love, therefor there are also very few cases of True Love to come about.... and following this analysis closer, the Odds of myself falling victim to True Love, Immortality, and Ever-Lasting-Happiness, are ... well, slim to none.

And even after coming to those conclusions, I would still like to hop on a plane and fly to Florin and visit... perhaps stay(I've always wanted to see the Eastern Hemisphere) for a while. And I suppose I have become the absolutely hopless romantic that I have forever been swearing to myself that I would never become. (Although, it is only certain things that happen to me that bring out my hopeless-romantic-ness, and it is mostly in short-emotion-charged-bursts, like this one(see: length of entry)) And I could most definitely trace the reason for my anti-hopeless romantic-ness back to my father, but we shall save that for another day, another rant.

I find that I am rather enjoying writing this entry, and I do not want to stop. Not even to get up and get the book so that I can make another entry of the best quotes from the book(that are not in the movie), which I will do, once I finish this entry. And of course, time is of the essence. And I still have to run a spell check. Perhaps this will be one of my favourite entries. I believe it will be. I am rather enjoying this new writing style. Now that I realize I've acquired it, I am certain that it's uniqueness will diminish. What a shame.
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