Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

LotR v. HP

Okay, in response to Dan's post earlier about Gollum, I was thinking about the similarities between the two film/book series.

1)... Evil side kicks? Wormtougne(LotR) v. Wormtail(HP)... freaking co-ink-e-dink? I think not.
2).... Gollum v. Dobby.... Gollum was obviously written way before Dobby... As I see it, the characters both serve the same purpose in their respective story lines... not exactly likable, possibly skitso, but a definately necassary "evil" in terms of plot(hint, hint, read the books :-P ).
3).... Old cool wizards... Dumbledor v. Gandolf. I would totally agree with Ian McKellen (or Christopher Lee for that matter) playing Dumbledor... but who wants to be type cast into that? Not much chance for futher roles...

My point is... J.K must have read Tolkien or atleast have heard of his works before thinking up Harry. Not that I disapprove... it's not like she *stole* his characters or anything... I'm always up for a bit of borrowing from here or there... there's always all of the mythical references(Cindi, did you start reading that book yet?)... I approve. As usual... there are very few authors that screw stuff up to the point that I hate their guts.... (you know who you are, Goldman)
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