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First of all, I would just like to say that I did not leave the apartment yesterday. Not once. Very strange. Secondly, I would like to recap this evening as follows.

Highlights of the Evening:
Cindi came to visit me at work!
Matt came to visit me at work!!!!
No one was around at work and the phone did not ring from about 6 'til I left at 9.
Stealth lot is the official before borders congregating point.
I saw 2 members of the corner crew going into borders.
Chai didn't taste very "Chai-y" today.
Chai girl was slow.
Malarkey is a great game but makes my head weird.
We should play a version of Malarkey where you vote for your favourite answer instead of the most realistic sounding.
I made Paul's thing vibrate.
My head was in the gutter.
Correction, my head was in the clouds.
Chai-guy is on crack... and told us how to get out of the parking lot.
My belly button smells like vinegar.
I keep trying to spell "Chai", "Chia", but that's something else.
Neither "Chia" or "Chai" are in the LJ spell checker.

Over 'n out!
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