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*gasp* A dream!

Okay, before I totally forget it here we go....

The first part of the dream was at the high school(Go LD!).. but of course, the building wasn't exactly from memory... it was much bigger, at least the auditorium was, which is where this dream took place. My sister had just graduated and I had been graduated for 4 years(the math actually works, too!). And Miss Hummel was back! She was my choir director in HS and still does musical direction for the musicals... but anyway, she was back to direct a bunch of alumni choirs. There was the current choir, the 1st year grads(my sis), the 4 year grads(me!), and the 10 year grads.... it was quite interesting that we somehow all fit in the auditorium with room to spare for audience...

And then my poster began to fall on my head, so I woke up and took it down, and then went back to sleep to dream:

That I hadn't graduated from HS yet. It was the summer after my senior year and we were going to have the graduation ceremony at the beginning of the next year for some reason... no one knew why... it was just weird. And it was to be held at shell's church(my little church back home)... which is really small in real life, but in my dream it was GIGANTIC! It had 3 balconies and another one where I didn't get to explore, but I wanted to in the dream. And so for some reason we had to sit with our parents in designated seats, but you couldn't actually see or hear anything on stage from our seats, and certainly not get to the stage after your name was called! It was bad! So, I wasn't going to sit down, I was going to wait downstairs in the aisle, but I guess that I wasn't allowed, so on about the C's, they made me go up to my seat, and by the time I got up there and settled they were on the F's which are very short and I would be soon! Plus for some reason Mrs. Roberts was in our row(she is the mom of a really weird kid that graduated with me and a neighbor). Anyway, so Mr. Kistler(9th grade math teacher and Stage Crew Director) called my name and he said my last name correctly, but some how messed up my first name... I think he did it on purpose because he knows me so well.. but then I was late... and by the time I got out of my seat and up to the stage, the ceremony was over. But then I decided to wait for Miss Hummel to come out because I hadn't seen her in forever... but then I remembered that she had retired, which was very sad. I don't know why I couldn't just go and find her, in the first place, if she had been there, it's not like I wouldn't be allowed to...*shrug*...

So that's my dream... *yea*
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