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Quick about the game last night.

Last night RIT v. Fredonia. Awesome. Before the clock started for the first quater, we were doing some cheers.. and Big Goon was welcoming their goalie to the corner crew. And by the time we got to "YOU SUCK" we were all ready 20 seconds into the game. We scored the first goal at 21 seconds... Showed them who's boss! :-D Very awesome. And since it was a Wednesday game, there wasn't a very large attendance(600 something?) so for the second period, we switched corners. It was very cool... but freaky. And there's a weird glare when you sit over there. Oh, and the announcer for the game was Steve Montanino.. from Eight Beat Measure He said "You're Welcome" after we thanked him for the time during the second period. Very cool. I thought he did a great job! He's a keeper.
What else? Can't think of anything... final score of the game was RIT 4- Fredonia 0. Very good. :-)
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