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Update #2

RIT v. Plattsburgh tonight. We got there @ 5(puck drops at 7) to get our Thunder Sticks. Let's just say, cool, but over-rated and too loud! I felt like I couldn't really watch the game... and because of the rivalry between the teams, the CC stood up the entire game... bah. I understand we need to support the team, but I for one would like to watch the game and enjoy us KICKING THEIR ASSES!!!!! I can't wait to read the website about the game and the penalties and who made the goals and the assists, since I couldn't hear any of the announcements. Good thing is that I could read the score board that told us that we WON 5-2 *SCREAMS AND BANGS STICKS* WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON!!!!
If there is anything else to life aside from hockey, I think someone forgot to tell me about it. :-)
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