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Lot's 'O Stuff!

I'm in such a good mood! It's strange really.... I guess the after-thoughts of last night are still around in my brain or something... I mean, really... who else would be in a good mood after haveing to get up for a final @ 9:15 on a Saturday morning?!? I can't think of anyone... just me. :-) Last night was Pizza Night @ Cindi's place... it was so much fun... Jackie, Cindi, Dan, Ryan O., Heather and I ... and a surprise guess later on... JONES finally decides to show up! :-P He had a 7am final this morning, so I don't really blame him... but he's still a slacker! hehehe... so we played all kindsa games... Slapjack, War, "Knives"(a dangerous version of Spoons... hehehe), and a very strange game called Scruples...When a game takes that long to figure out, you shouldn't play it... althought it was fun once we got started... a little dated if anything...(The cards had a copyright of '86 on them)... but it was still fun... I think I was in bed before 1am... around 12:30 or so, really. Good stuff. The final this morning was pretty much what I expected... nothing harsh.. and the bonus question was great... we had to match the NewsCaster with his offilliate station. TV!!! A great question! Then I went to Gracies' and got some yummy breakfast... I was STARVING! And they played Cindi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"... I'm in the process of downloading a bunch of her stuff right now... that reminds me of Quiz Bowl in 11th grade... The question was "Who sang 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'?".. .the other team answered "Madonna"... and the host said they were right!!!!!!! BAD HOST! So, I challenged it, and we got double points! That was one of the few questions I could answer... darn my limited knowledge of important stuff! hehehehe... Anyway! What was I talking about.... hhmmm.... oh, right. So after I left Gracie's, I came back to my room and slept 'til about 12:30, then took a shower and studied for my Discrete Math final on Tuesday. I'm already to kick some butt on that test... I'm probably over confident, but I've got an A+ in there so far, so there's no harm done! hehe.. Now I've cleared my desk off so I have some room to play solitaire. I dug my playing cards out! I'm using the German deck... good stuff... and later today there's a Women's Hockey game.. the finals! It's RIT vs. MIT, and apparently it's going to be RITvNeumann all over again... get out that bell, boys! :-)
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