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Wow... today we went to wegmans... and I bought a lot of food... which is good because I didn't have anything... well, I did... but everything I had required a signifigant amount of preparation... so I got some stuff that I can prepare quickly... plus some fun foods(TACOS!).... and stuff like that... I spent what I figured I would... about $60, but I did forget to get some aleve. Oh well... I have advil... that'll hold me over if necassary. The important thing is that I have food. *yea*
Then, I went to Spot coffeehouse with Saul.. that was fun. :-) We had our normal crazy conversations that I've missed. I wish we did that more often.
Now, I'm getting ready to go to the Hockey Game in Oswego... FUN! :-) Hockey is the best. *yea*... I'm sure you'll get a full report later if I'm not completely exhausted. :-)
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