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So much.

Today was my Anhueser-Busch interview... went well.. .very much lots of talking about me.. for about 4 hours straight... 'twas fun, but repetative.... thursday was Microsoft, which also went well... I'd love to post detailed descriptions, but I already promised myself I'd be asleep already. Me is very much so tired. Show is going awesomely. Characters are very existant. Very good. I is very proud of them. Also, tomorrow is more show and show and rehersal and all mixed together. I am NOT GETTING SICK! No sick for me! Encore's first public apperance... we are excited... we might be doing little dance steps, definately snapping fingers, should be interesting... the rest of my weekend is still full.. church on Sunday and perhaps an e-board meeting... maybe... don't know... everyone is being very confusing with RITSMA matters... no one is telling each other what they think and everything ends up non-resolved.... oh my... I don't want to even think about the bad grammar, spelling, etcetera in this post... sorry all.. anyone want to fix it for me? *tired* *falls over sleeping* oh me-oh my.
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