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It's been a while...

Well, I've started to doubt why I'm here again... seems to happen at the end of every quarter... right now I'm wishing I went to Elmira and majored in theater, minored in music... or even gone to Longwood and done the whole psychological Music/Theatre thing... that would have also been cool... although, in both cases, there would be no job/money after college... as it is now, I'm thinking Master's... in Music. That'd be cool... too bad I'm not more talented... but I've started realizing how much I love my music classes.. this quarter I've got Music Theory I, Singers, and Encore to distract myself. I'm starting to arrange some stuff for Encore(they don't know yet!, well Sarah does...). And that's great fun. So far, I've only gotten the melody so far(for Elvis' "Can't Help Falling In Love"), Sarah's all excited because it's definitely an Alto song... I'm not a fan of changing the entire song just so it works for female voices... we shall see. The song has a piano part and female voices as the back-up to begin with so it should be nice. We'll see. Cakewalk rocks. :-) More after I finish my lab! :-)
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