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I'm just realizing that a week ago today was opening night. It seems like it was five years ago! How does that work? Time is so bizzare. I still haven't talked about the show. I have never seen a show transformed in such a short amount of time. The show was crazy. I talked earlier about how the show SUCKED on Monday and Sunday... Tuesday was better, but still... and by THURSDAY.. Opening night... it was amazing. There were CHARACTERS that said lines for a REASON! Completely amazing to me how fast they did that... You go, guys! :-) Very nice... R&G has got to be my favourite script.... I've been quoting it ever since the show closed(Heather hates it when I do that, and Cindi loves it. :-P) I would love to try and do something like run Hamlet and R&G at the same time on the same stage with the same cast... would be an experiance to remember(although, I think the cast would pass out from exhaustion!)... fun stuff... I miss it already; just another reason for my wishing I was at Elmira... oh well... I need to remember to find my script of Blue Moon at home, that would be a great show to prepose for next year... oooh.. Fun! I'll pretend that I'm at a liberal arts school if I want to and no one can stop me!

The power of suggestion is amazing.. I was just using a website for class that loaded a different quote of the lyrics from Bridge Over Troubled Water every time you reloaded the page... and now the song is in my head. Craziness.
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