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Elmira! :-)

Okay, so this was a long day. First of all, we left here(the apt) at about 3pm... it was supposed to be 2:45, but Dan was late and Heather and Ryan decided at the last minute that they were coming, too. So we drove down 390(I still say we took the long way)... and we took 17 west... and then we took 14 North... that was supposed to be a "couple miles" A couple miles is 2. Or atleast, that's what we thought. A couple IS TWO! Grrr... so, we thought maybe we should take 14 South... the directions could be wrong, right? And we drove around Elmira for like, an hour and a half(if you want the full story, Check out Dan's post)... anyway, so much for my non-stressful weekend... We got to listen to lots of CDs! :-) And the game went well, it ended in a 5-5 tie after a 5minute over time! Full game story here. Anyway, great game.. .and I'll post the pictures that I took of the friggen "Domes" from the inside(should have gotten a picture from outside STUPID STUPID). Anyway, during the game, I kept having this sense of an alternate universe that was created when I made the decision to go to RIT instead of Elmira... it was every once in a while, I'd see people sitting on the opposite side of the rink and I'd think, I wonder where I would be sitting right now? Or, hey! Those people look like I'd be friends with them. Stuff like that, 'twas weird. But I'm still glad that I made the choice that I did... 'specially since we are going to kick their collective @$$ when they come up here next week. :-D And we had dinner at Wegman's which was the first Wegman's I'd ever been to(from the first time I'd been in Elmira).. It was very strange, a bit different than I remember, but that was also a while ago! That's it.
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