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I dreamed a dream...

Okay, another installment of Catherine's Dreams... this one was a lot more clear and a lot more tell-able.... Heather drove me to Allen Chapel, which was not in the IFC, but across the parking lot from a McDonalds that was in a neighborhood. Yes, that makes no sense, but it did in the dream. And we went there for some sort of RITSingers open rehersal. Lots of people were there and we were all singing without music. There were people from the Singers, but there were also people from Choir at home and some of us were all wearing the same color blue coats, but they were all different styles. We were like, "Ooh.. we should have a blue coat club!"... and then I rolled my eyes. Later on, we were all practicing and there was a group that had formed outside the glass front of the chapel... at the end of the song everyone started to leave and I wanted to run outside and tell them when our concert was, but Ed wouldn't let me. That didn't make any sense. And then I found Tricia(from HS) and she was laying on a bench in the parking lot and she was upset because she wanted to get a job with the Postal Service, but she didn't think she would get it. I wanted to ask her why she wasn't going to college any more, but that seemed like a sore subject, so I didn't bring it up. That was when I woke up and realize that I miss Tricia and Lindsay! Must find them over break. :-)



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