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Weekends are awesome. I love how I am busy the entire time... no down time.... and it's good-busy, because I'm doing everything that I want to do... But all of this also means that I don't get around to updating LJ... blah.... so while my casserole is in the oven and I'm waiting to get ready for church... here we go:

Friday is still a bit of a blur... It was a good day. First, I had work in the morning and then Oh my way to Encore Rehearsal I saw Nate G. from BCS... we made some decisions and we are going to start practicing more.. *yea* Then on my way back to work, I stopped to talk to Dave C. from BCS who was manning the Scelariderma table in the SAU... it always makes me feel better to talk to him... don't know why... I saw Regan(from BCS) and I saw Kevin at one point, too... don't remember when.. it was the Day of BCS! :-) Anyway, I got reading done at work and both Chris and Mark stopped by to chat... that's always fun... and Ryan D. stopped by, too! I love feeling loved. :-P After work I had the Club Review Board meeting... we didn't have a quorum.. so we couldn't vote on anything 'til David G. decided to show up(heheh)... we got a bit done, but we were finished early and I walked over to Ritter to get in line for the ELMIRA Game!! TOWEL NIGHT! *yea* When I got there, Jeremy was already there so we chatted for a while and then Jac showed up with Brent(?) and then the masses started to pour in... I got to talk to Nate G. and Kevin and Twitty and them for a while... they are a riot... very cool... and then Dan showed up and Paul re-appeared from where-ever he was... and I was realizing that it was almost 15 'til 6 and Heather was supposed to show up around 5:30... almost 15 minutes late... turns out her car got stuck and people from Elmira had to help her out! :-0 Crazy. So the game. Let's start out by saying AWESOME. I love watching RIT play Elmira... we are extremely evenly matched and it's so nice to be able to watch a competitive hockey game... If I had to pick 2 teams to watch play each other forever, it would be RIT v Elmira.. The air in the arena was on FIRE... there was an electrical force in the building and it was AMAZING.. we won 5-3 after 3 periods of awesome HOCKEY.. (Story Here) And after the game, I think just about everyone went to Buffalo Wild Wings... cool restaurant... loud and smokey, but the food was good, inexpensive, and the waiter was cute. ;-) I had very good pizza pockets(deep fried!) and some fries(those were good)... after dinner we(Dan and I) were invited to Paul's place(Jeremy, too!) to watch Spaceballs... we ended up watching the commentary version.. so basically Mel Brooks talking over the movie and laughing about his own jokes... it was great! :-) When the movie was over, I think it was around 1:15, we came back to the apartment and Dan crashed here for the night... Didn't get to bed 'til really late!

Slept in. A lot later than normal... I really hate the blinds in the apartment, I never feel like they actually block out any light. Grrrr... Dan and I went to Brugers for breakfast/lunch... I never know what meal it is when you wake up around noon... *shrug* Then went to Sears and Wegmans... needed to get stuff to make a broccoli casserole for church on Sunday... *yea* for fast service at Sears... I don't hate that store so much anymore... At Wegmans we saw Dave C. and his mom buying cat food... I was assured it wasn't for Dave... hehe... An odd thing, there was a gospel choir singing because it is black history month.. it was loud and right by the cashiers... it was cool, yet annoying. And at that point my luck went down the toilet; I don't usually have a major problem picking a good cashier line, but this day, the fates were against me.... grrr... First of all, their was only one person in front of us but she had to use all of her own bags for her groceries and she had tons of little items... grr... and then the cashier didn't know how to process her coupons... as a cashier myself, I know that coupons are a pain in the ass, but when the supervisor came over he just pointed at a note card that was taped to the register that said something to the effect of "coupon instructions"... Gah... so the cashier finally gets to me, and Dan had pointed out that we probably could have gone through the Express Lane(I always forget about those!)... but he gets to me and rings everything(so he thought) up and then I was like, Can I Get Cash Back? But it had already gone through,... and he hadn't gotten everything(incompetent moron) so I ended up getting cash back anyway... *yea* We came home and started watching the Back To The Future Trilogy... everyone is so amazed when they find out that I haven't seen the movies before... we got to the first 2 before we had to leave for the RIT v. Utica game... the atmosphere for the game was so much different than the Elmira game... it was like someone had taken all of the air out of the place... kinda deflated like... hard to describe, but everyone was definitely not as peppy as Friday night... unfortunate... but we won 8-4 anyway! :-) Tarantino got a Hat Trick and Utica got really desperate... I don't know how they thought they could score 4 goals in the last 8 minutes of play... didn't work, but they tried! (Story Here) We went back to the apt. after the game had dinner(Spaghetti and chicken nuggets...ooo) and watched the last movie of the trilogy... probably the most interesting plot-wise, but the first is definitely my fav. Dan had the DVD set, so we were watching all the special features and stuff... and lost track of time... Dan ended up staying another night since it was a bit late to drive back to Webster. Another late night...

Finally to today! This morning definitely slept later than ever... it was past noon... which makes it difficult to decide which meal to have... we ended up deciding to finish off the last of the soup I made... I was starving, but for some reason I got full really fast and couldn't finish... I have to remember to eat it later... after "lunch" we played Fact Or Fiction with the roomies.. fun game... takes a long time, though... we ended up stopping early because Dan had to get going... this was around 4ish... and I had to start work on my casserole for church... I really hate chopping onions.. they make me cry like the dickens. Grr... but I got through it enough to chop the fourth of a cup for the recipe... They should really change the prep time on the recipe, it took more like half an hour than 15 minutes... which meant I didn't have the entire time to cook it... ended up taking it out 15 minutes early so we could bring it over to the IFC for church... I threw it in the oven there at 220 'cuz I didn't want it to burn... and we had a short service(I don't know how they were so far through when we were only 3 minutes late!) and then headed downstairs for our "potluck" there were five of us(including Pastor Ghislaine) and we had cake and pizza and casserole(which we ate before it was cooked to my taste... but everyone said it was delicious)... interesting dinner... one thing weird was Hans showed up, but had forgotten my name(to be fair, he forgot everyone's names since he hasn't been around since Fall, but still)... and then we came back to the apt after cleaning up.... I've been chilling, writing this entry and listening to this song on repeat ever since... it amazes me how some songs you just never get sick of... maybe because they are so perfect. I'm going to try and think about getting ready for the E-board meeting... We have some major stuff to discuss... hhmmm... so much for homework this weekend... glad I have time tomorrow! :-) I love my job!

Good God, this entry is really long. And very boring, probably... I could break it up, but that's too much work... hope you had fun reading this! (Bet you didn't read the whole thing!) hehehe... over 'n' out!



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