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I was so much more productive last night... and now I don't see myself getting anything else done today. Maybe after I finish at BJ's with Paul... I just can't seem to make myself sit down to read Politics if I'm at home. blah. I have to finish the book tonight, though... so there's that. And I need to work more on my music theory tonight.. last quiz tomorrow. And I need to update my crib sheet for Database before 4pm tomorrow.... 'cuz that's when my practical is... I'm not worried about that at all. But Theory should be interesting... there's lots of vocab to know. And I'm not good at retaining information... that sucks.
I did get some stuff done today, though.... filled out 2 EAF forms(Why aren't they online?!?!?) and went down the FYE office on the other side of campus to pick up an application form(I have to fill that out and write an essay and return it by Friday). I don't know if that's going to happen or not. And I went to Sol's to conduct some business with Big Goon... there was NO one in that place... one customer the entire time I was there... weird... although, it was 3:30.. not the most active time on campus. On the way back I ran into Erin Stine(from LD) and she is going back THIS saturday! No finals for her, no fair!(But then I'd never have the excuse to stay for another week. :-P )... Looks like I'm heading back home March 1st, the day after the Hobart game! *yea* Thanks, Dad! :-) Well, I better get my stuff together! Paul will be here soon...
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