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LJ is BACK! :-)

(9/20 8:32am)
LJ is still down! WTF?!?! Okay, so it's been about 12 hours.... let's give it the rest of the day to recuperate, after all, it is about that time for colds, right?

(9/20 12:05pm)
I started remembering part of my dream that I didn't know that I had last night... I didn't realize it was a dream because I thought for a moment that it was a real memory. Anyway, I was looking at the program for the musical at my high school... and the directors name was someone who I absolutely hate! And that didn't make any sense... at the time I knew the name but I can't remember it now... mitchell someone? Anyway, it also had a list of shows he wanted to do in the future, but they were all crappy, so that made me mad. That's it.

(9/20 11:00pm)
I was realizing that it wasn't like I was missing anyone's posts while LJ was down... I mean, no one could post, right? Silly me. But here I am refreshing 'til it comes back and it looks like it is back... I had a somewhat uneventful day. My Music Theory quiz went well, or so I think... I never can tell 'til I see that nice red grade at the top of the page. And then Database went very well.. would have went better if our Prof. wasn't stupid. The practical was all coding in mySQL... so naturally(NOT) we had to turn in all of our code hand written! It took me about an hour to finish the bulk of the work(I was copying everything to notepad as I went) and then I spent half an hour copying it all down.... how much sense does that make? About half way through my carpal started to hurt, too... what a pickle that would have been... anyway, I probably would have been able to figure out my 2 little syntax errors if I didn't have to hand write all my code. Stupid Freaking class... but even if I don't get any partial credit for those 2 problems, I will still have a 88 or a bit higher.... so, it's all good. :-) Singers also went well, we got to mix up "sectionally" and Dave C. sat next to me (hehehehe) and Brie was on his other side. We worked on a bit of the Opera and all the words were "ho" so Brie decided that it was my song. Because I'm a hoe. Apparently. That was fun. After normal rehearsals, we auditioned for the Opera... I don't know exactly how I did... I can never tell with Ed... Like I never would have dreamed from the Encore audition that I'd made it. We shall see... it would be cool to be the Second Woman or one of the Witches.... And then I went to see Cindi in the grad lab. It smells funny in there... I think it might smell like animation, but I could be wrong. I've never smelled animation before. And that's all I have to say.


Feb. 21st, 2003 10:03 am (UTC)
Yeah I was definitely not happy with the auditions. After most people left all we did was sing one of Belinda's songs and When I Am Laid in Earth again, which we still sucked at lol



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