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A Cappella ROCKS!

Last night was the U. Michigan Dicks & Janes concert! It was wonderful! They are so great! The best part was that BCS and Eight Beat Measure (in that order) performed first and got everyone totally into it. I could listen to those guys sing forever. Cindi and Heather and Sarah and I all sat in the very front(Okay, it was the 4th row, but no one was sitting in front of us) and Cindi and I had our cameras... we are such dorks. (My Pictures here, Cindi's pictures here) It was a truely awesome concert... Brick City sang first and they did a great set... Some new stuff and some classic stuff... a great mix... And Eight Beat Measure followed them in a similar fashion by doing some old stuff that I barely remembered and some new stuff, too.... They dominated the stage... I don't know how many of them there are, but I couldn't get them all in one shot, not to meantion that they weren't centered... which was kinda annoying. By the time that the Dicks & Janes took the stage, everyone was wired and excited! Only 8 of the 13 of them made it, and it was amazing! :-) They stood in 2 rows(as you can see from the pictures) and that was really cool(although, it looked like which ever guy in standing behind the girl the entire way to the right was doing something bad to her sometimes..hehehe ;-P ) Words to not explain how awesome they were. The first mixed a.c. group that I heard didn't impress me and kinda turned me off to mixed groups, but this totally changed my mind! They utilized their ranges and really sing well together. It was very impressive with only 8 of them because they were all on a separate part, and I know how difficult it is to sing one thing all by yourself when everyone else is singing different things... they did a wonderful job and really impressed me(which is difficult to do. :-P )! I have a new cd now! :-) It's really good... although, most of the stuff they did in the concert is not on it, but I'll deal because these songs are just as amazing. :-)

The concert was over at about 9:40 and we got outta there at about 10pm after hanging out and talking to peeps... and we came back to the apt and Heather and I were studying for our musicianship test that we had today... looking back, I should have practiced jumping 4ths and 6ths more because that is always what I have trouble with... and of course, that was what Ed made me sing. :-P I have a solid B in that class though, so I'll live. I can't wait 'til next quarter when I take Theory II... there's more composition and more STUFF! *yea* for music! (Why am I here, again?... hopefully my webdesign class will remind me why)
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