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Where'd it go? Musicianship test this morning.... went well... I've got a solid B(b+ if they existed) in the class, which is great. I can't wait 'til next quarter to have more classes with Ed... I feel like I wrote this before... *checks* so I did.... anyway, I was very restless this afternoon/evening... I think it started with me not being able to pick one song to listen to for more than 30 seconds... and then I was cleaning my room, but that didn't get to far... called the family,... that didn't help much either. :-P I was practing for church tomorrow, too(I'm playing the hymns, hopefully) and then I went to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at Movies 10 with Cindi, Ed, Eugene, and Heather. That was fun... made a few discoveries while watching... Lucius Malfoy does begin to say the Killing Curse towards either Harry or Dobby at the very end part... I really don't like how they added some stuff that wasn't in the book... not that really changes my opinion of the movie much, I still love it... but why add stuff if you are leaving perfectly good stuff out!?!? Whatever... and there was much cheese-ooze-age going on at the end... gah... I never realized how bad it is.. Oh well.... after that, we(Cindi, Heather and I) came back to the Apt. and played Hear Me Out with Daniel and Sarah... love that game! Although, I have to say, it's not as much fun when I'm not kicking ass. :-) hehehe... tired now... bed!
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