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I should update

I already wrote about this weekend in my diary for about 2 and a half hours yesterday at work, so I don't feel like writing about it again. You'll all have to live with out the details. Needless to say, the Concert Band concert on Sunday was better than I thought it would be.... good job, guys! And Monday's final went over very well, I got to point out 3 mistakes that the prof made. :-) That was fun. I got my grade for the class yesterday, got the A I was looking for. *yea* That'll help my PFOs GPA... so I'm happy... and I've got my politics test tomorrow... I'm actually looking forward to it... I think the essay will be fun. I was working on it yesterday at work(Yeah, I worked on a Tuesday) and I wrote an entire response to the first question that might be the essay question on the test... and I did almost all of it without having to consult the book which was good. But then I was looking at the second question, and I realized that I know my stuff so well that I'm starting to play devil's advocate with my own ideals and thoughts about the political system in the US... so I hope I don't confuse myself too much on the test tomorrow... I have to go over the stuff one more time today. I've been doing wash all morning. Not that much interesting other than that, except I've started listening to my Billy Joel play list again(probably because I finally got my compliation sheet music book on Monday. :-D )... and so I'm listening to good ol' B.J. and just chilling... not much else to say.
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