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All done!

Politics final went very well... 100 mult. choice and an essay... pick one of three and we had already seen them before... I even had written practice essays ahead of time... so I was awesome at that part... the mult choice were hillarious.. some of them were so easy, that they were practically free points
(ex. Is the United States considered:
a) A one party system
b) A two party system
c) A three party system
d) A four party system.... duh??)

And then there were a few insanely hard questions... like asking which two presidential candidates were pushing for soft money reform... uh... I could only remember John McCain, and he was in two of the choices... so I made an educated guess... And then there were the questions that would have been hard if I hadn't just re-read the chapters at work 2 hours ago..... Now I'm glad I did... so *yea*

Finals are DONE! :-) I even sold back my Politics book today! I'm exhausted now... and I made an extra 20 bucks this week! *yea* Go me. I'm debating going in to work tomorrow, but I'm thinking that's not going to happen... I'd rather sleep in. :-P

Heather and Cindi are gone now... Daniel's studying for his last final and thwack is ignoring me on AIM(or he walked away... more likely)... Looks like it's more yahoo games for me... or maybe I'll watch a movie. Or sleep. I'm tired... HOCKEY TOMORROW!!! :-D
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