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Current Mood: falling asleep.. yet, still taking this survey
Current Taste: choc. chip cookies...
Current Hair: I've got it pulled back at the nape of my neck... ready for bed
Current Dress: my blue sweats and my rainbow socks. :-)
Current Grievance: I think that's a bit personal
Current Annoyance: Not knowing stuff I need to know about HTML, css, and other web stuff that I will learn in spring but that is not soon enough
Current Smell: clean?
Current Stupid Musing: Wishing that I wasn't tired and I didn't have to tell certain people to go to bed.
Current Longing: again, personal
Current Game: Last think I played as Literati with Heather.
Current Thing I Ought To Be Doing: sleeping
Current Windows Open: Folder: newShells, HTML help website, 3 aim windows, ftp to my grace account, sucky church website, and the livejournal client
Current Desktop Picture: a pretty star field
Current Favorite Artist: I'm listening to Billy Joel, does that count?
Current Favorite Group: I'm listening to Billy Joel, Does that count??
Current CDs In Stereo: I don't leave CDs in the stereo
Current DVD In Player: here? I don't leave DVDs in the player...
Current Color Of Toenails: not painted
Current Earrings: nada
Current Refreshment: nothing...
Currently eating: none
Current Worry: nothing you need to know about
Current Malicious Intent: ... hehehe...
Current Misguided Opinion: How would I know if it was misguided or not?
Current Lyric: "....good night my angle now it's time to dream and dream how wonderful your life will be...."
Current Crush: .... define "crush"
Current Favorite Celebrity: Harry Potter! Wwooooo!
Current Time: 1:06am
Current Hate: Hate? Time. Time is a pain in the ass.
Currently Thankful for: thankful that it's BREAK!! :-D

'night, ya'll...
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