Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Long day... slept 'til 9... didn't fall asleep 'til late because I've been coughing... woke up, had a bagel, went out with mom... hit Walmart, Sams Club, A. C. Moores, CVS, the bank, a different bank, Hershey High to pick up tickets for their musical(south pacific... going to see it tomorrow), which was quite ironic, 'cuz I had my Lower Dauphin shirt on. :-P
Yeah, I think that was it... then this evening before the ash wednesday service, we started making our Alleluia banners so we can put them away and take them out for Easter. Had good dinner at the church, too... soups and sandwiches. yummy! I decided to give up "seconds" for Lent, so I ate less than I would have wanted to. Service went well... I'm supposed to meet with Pastor Linda about the website tomorrow, but we might get storms and stuff... so who knows? Should prove to be another busy day tomorrow.. I can't wait to get back to RIT and relax! :-)

I'm addicted to Spider Solitare, again. Great.
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