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South Pacific!

Thinking back to Thursday.....

Saw South Pacific @ Hershey High school.... my sister's boyfriend is in it, so that's why I ventured into enemy territory(if anyone cares... :-P ) I've only ever seen the show on TV before, and that was a while ago, so I was pleasantly surprised at the wide range of music variety and the cool plot. Rogers and Hammerstein, if you were wondering. The show was decent for a high school show. My complaints are as follows(a.k.a. what LD would never screw up. :-P )
1) I could see cast and crew in the wings when they weren't on stage. Major faux pas.
2) Only the only male lead that was actually singing in his range was the guy who played Lt. Joe Cable.
3) Actors didn't cheat out enough... was very frustrating...
4) Not enough enunciation... my mom knows the show by heart and she couldn't tell what they were saying sometimes.
5) Choreography sucked. 'nuff said
6) Girls Costumes.. were obviously the actors clothes... They did not wear anything that would show a naval in the 40s/50s. Very taboo.
7) The kids, Ngana and Jerome, were adorable, and did a good job, but can we not cast within the school?
8) At the end of the show, they cheered on stage so the audience could hear them. Very un-professional.

Good Stuff:
1) The Pit Director was Excellent... he followed the actors very well, recovered mistakes, etc... all very well. :-)
2) Emile did a good job singing/talking with a French accent.. even if he was singing too low for his range.
3) The shower scene was well done.
4) Nellie was excellently cast.... for both voice and ability.

All and all, a normal high school show. Good enough! hehe... No, seriously, everyone involved with the show should be proud. :-)
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