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Les Mis! :-D

Okay... let's just start off by saying that I have the original Broadway cast recording of this show completely memorized.

When the show started(we were in row D! on the right of the theater) I thought they were playing the CD.... I was really worried for a moment that they were going to lip synch or something God-awful like that.
But I was pleasantly surprised. This was the best high school musical(Opera, actually) that I've ever seen.
Only a few little complaints in the pit and choreography departments... The pit director wasn't really on top of things... an annoying snare drum(and don't know why yet)... There were a few places where I thought there was an instrument or two missing(this comes from having the sound track memorized!)... and the choreography was simple(something I'm not used to), but well executed and well used.

Oh my... where to begin? Val Jean rocked my world... a voice like that in a high school guy? Wow. An amazing range... made the jumps to Falsetto impeccably well and an amazingly strong voice. Power. Same with Javert in the Power department... casting was excellent...(with the exception of Gavroche, but we can't have a show that's perfect, can we?) These kids must have had hours and hours of practice and voice lessons to prepare for this show.... not to mention the set. Wow... it did bug me that they didn't do anything with the scene changes... the cast moved set pieces, and not really in character either... a bit strange for such a good show.

Let's see.... everything was really good. And I could go on and on and on about every character, scene, song, and aspect of the show, but I won't bore you with the details.
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