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Web Site Design...

Well, that went well. Got out of class about 10 minutes ago. Henderson is cool. She seems really laid back and she even said that she didn't mind if we surf the 'net or use AIM during her lectures. :-) *yea* And she gave us the syllabus that has all the due dates for all the projects and she said that she is going to give us detailed grading rubrics for all the projects, too! I'm really glad that she is straight forward like this... it's really helpful, and I think I can definately get a B, and possibly an A if I put some effort into it. (I can do it! :-D ).... now, everything depends on Human Factors. If it's decent, this quarter will rock.. if not... it could totally suck. Atleast I'll have T/R to look forward to... the Days of Schell! :-) (Heather, are you working in the music room on T/R? I'll be around!!)

Let's see, what else? I've got class in 15 minutes downstairs... I'm drawing a blank on what is on the first floor of this(70) building... oh well.. I'm assuming it's just a regular class room... and I think based on the number of the room that it's in the old part of the building, so shouldn't be hard to find... I should probably go and find it now anyway. I'll post from work! :-)
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