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Music Day!

I'm SO very tired... left early this morning to get more books and to talk to Andrew... so I got 2 more books and I left a note for the ever elusive Andrew... and when to American Musical Theater class... this is going to be so cool! Nate G., and Erin Long are in my class... plus Joni(sp?) from Neuman. It's always good when you know people in your classes.... so then after class I walked over to the Res. side of campus and gave flyers to the Res. Life people to put in the RA mailfolders... very productive and fast... then I went back to the SAU and hung around 'til my Theory II class. Theory promises to be really good, too. I'm excited... and I'm glad that I'm excited because hating your classes really sucks a lot. :-P Then after class we met to poster the rest of campus... which took us TWO HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES!!! Geez-us It was NOT supposed to take that long.... grrrr... oh well... Now I'm exhausted and I'm really not wanted to go to Players tonight... but I'm going to go because I miss people.

Oh, yeah, today I also saw my Writing and Lit teacher whom I haven't seen in FOREVER!(Since last winter, to be precise!!) He is so awesome... and he's so busy! He's teaching at UofR now and working on 3 books and ... and... and... and... Crazy man... but way cool. It was great to know he hasn't died. :-D Mr. Chandler, if you're reading this you're the best English Teacher ever! :-)
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