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Drawn to the sound of.....


So, here's the story. Complete and unabridged(if you weren't sure what complete meant):

I was standing at the bathroom sink getting ready for bed and I hear this distinct sound. A sound that calls out to me. A distress call. The call of packing tape. Thinking that this must not be true(would MY room mates torture tape?), I come into the living room saying, "Is that tape?" I see Cindi. With Packing Tape.

(Now you have to understand how absolutely hilarious this sight was. First of all, I recognized the sound of tape. Second of all, I could tell that she was having problems with the tape(from the other room! audio only!)... )

We crack up. I sink to the floor in laughter. I'm just barely still breathing. I ask Cindi if she need scissors and I direct her to the kitchen drawer(why didn't she think of that? Was she trying to mutilate the tape? What are her evil plans these days?)... and I'm still cracking up....

I'm wondering when my obviously deep relationship with tape began.... any ideas?
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