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Open Mic Night

Went well... just got back. Denny's was fun. I am trying to decide if I'm actually tired or not. I wonder if my arms will hurt tomorrow... it's not as much physical work as it used to be now that we have all the fancy-shmancy carts and stuff. blah.... so maybe my arms won't hurt tomorrow... the question is, is that a bad thing or a good thing? Whatever. Bad either way, good either way. Anyway, Singers was fun tonight. I've decided(with a few other second sops) that I'm going to be an alto for Dido and Aneas. The Sop part is way to freakin' high to be comfortable without warming up. And we really don't any more(we didn't even stretch today and just sang MLK first).. what's up with that? And we thought about just writing a second sop part, but that would take a while, and be time consuming, and I'm sure there'd be some sort of copyright issues. So Alto it is. I get to show off my lower range now. :-) Fun fun... plus that means I'm singing the same part as Sarah and Cindi so we can practice ho-ing together! *yea* This post is way longer and rambling than I expected so I shall go to bed now.
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