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Read with caution:

The first thing I remembered about it when I woke up is that Dan proposed to me. I don't remember what my answer was or if I answered him, but he proposed to me.

Secondly I remembered that there were coke fountains (like in Burger King) were all out of coke. If you tried to get coke, all that came out was water. That was very frustrating. But there was root beer, so I had that instead.

Then I was trying to remember the dream in order.... first thing was (this was as I was falling a sleep I think) Dan was dead. And I was supposed to give the eulogy. It made me cry and I didn't know how much to tell them about my relationship with him.... it was nerve racking.

The beginning of the main dream was that I was at "home" and I wanted to get to school... so I called Chad Deitz and he said he would give me a ride... the weird thing was that it was about 4pm at this point, but we were going to watch a movie and eat cherry and pumpkin pie(this was apparently a very funny and cool idea) before we left. My mom was asking me how much the tickets for the hockey games were going to be, I told her I didn't know, but I would be getting season tickets anyway, so it didn't matter. Chad was late. He didn't pick me up 'til 10pm, this wasn't a problem, but we didn't get to watch the movie. Then we drove to Rochester. It was a 5 hour drive, but like in a movie, my brain didn't show it all... then we got there and ... theres a space in my remembrance....

Next thing I remember, is we were at the hockey game but it wasn't really like a hockey game, it was very confusing. I don't know who was playing or who won... there was something to do with someone saying they didn't want the Tigers to win and everyone around got very upset, so I'm assuming it was an RIT game.

Apparently when people heard I was coming back, they all drove to Rochester to see me. It seemed like a lot of people, but it was only Dan and someone from the Washington, DC area(either Elga or Lindsay, I don't know who, and it wasn't really part of the plot, I guess). So Dan and I were in this lounge like area hanging out on the couch and Dave C. was there and he was hanging all over me. They were sitting on either side of me at one point and I said something to the effect of "my two favourite guys" and I put my arms around them. Dan was acting very distant(kinda like last night at Denny's) and I went some place to do something(I think this was when my run in with the coke machines occurred, there was this guy that got like, 37 cokes right before me and I didn't understand why he needed them all or how he was carrying them all) and when I came back they were talking... so I waited in the adjoining room 'til it looked like a good place to come into the conversation. Then Dave left. He didn't really say why, he just said later and got outta there really quick. Which made me wonder what they were talking about...

So then I sat down with Dan, and he was being all serious and then he told me that he got a really great job. He seemed kinda upset about this(well, maybe not upset, but not as excited as I thought he'd be)... so I was unsure how I should react to this information. I was really happy for him, but he was acting very strangely. It was now that he proposed to me, I don't even know if it was words or not, or if it was just like the essence of proposing. And then I had this overwhelming rush of feelings. Feelings for Rohde(strangely enough), feelings about Dan that were cooped up, all kindsa crap. And then I guess I said I'd have to get back to him, not a 'no' but not a 'yes', either. I don't remember what happened right after that.... I do remember thinking "why did he wait 'til Campbell started show an interest in me?"

.... was a weird dream, and I'm hesitant about posting it, but I guess I will. Please remember that this is a DREAM
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