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Again with the long dreams.....

This is pretty long, so I figured I'd cut it.

The more I think about this dream, the more I like it... but before I write about it, you all need a bit of background before it will make much sense:

Our neighbors at home(whom I call Grandma and Poppy) have 3 kids(Jill &Jan(twins) and Julie). Jill has 2 kids(Samantha(Sam) and Jacquline(Jack) ), Jan has one kid(Cassandra(Cassie), and Julie has one kid(Ashley). Now, I'll just say, that they've all had pretty screwed up lives, so the dream didn't seem all that far fetched(They weren't all in the dream, so don't worry about needing a family tree or something, I'm no ASCII artist. :-P (But I am pretty good with parenthsis at this point) ).

The Dream:

We were going to a big house. We had to save Sam. She was being kicked out by her mother because of something awful... we weren't sure what. So we went to the big house. And I do mean big. You couldn't really let from the outside or the front few rooms how big this house is, but that comes into play later. So we (I don't know who we is, I think it was me and Liz(my sis) and my mom and dad, but I can't be sure if they were all there or not) went in the house and to the left and we were in the kitchen. Sam was being screamed at by her mom who was using the dustbuster on the kitchen table. Sam was in tears and could barely speak but, she was trying to say something about the dustbuster. So, I attempted to get the dustbuster from Jill, but she wouldn't let me have it at first, so we had to chase her into a corner. I took the dustbuster and opened it... there was lots of dust, but there was also a few pennies and dimes. I took them out and put them on the table. Sam had stopped crying and was now furious with her mother for "framing" her. They had thought she stole a handful of change! And everytime I would find another dime or penny(It was only dimes and pennies) Sam would cry out in jubilation and Jill would just get more and more upset. Well, after that, the mystery had been solved, so I headed upstairs.

Upstairs was a very, very, very, very long hallway. When you went up the stairs the hallway was to your right, and there was a bridge to your left(like the ones on the playground that bounce and swing). Next to the bridge was a long some-what-skinny platform that extended the length of the bridge(I guess this was a bridge, too... but it didn't move). There was a guy(this was a random guy, I will call him Guy from now on) on the 'platform bridge' and I started to cross the wiggly bridge. The first third of the bridge was made out of this chain-mail stuff and was rather wide... I was crossing and Guy asked me what they called Ashley for short... this made me stop and think. We didn't really call her anything for short. He didn't like that answer, so he teasingly started to shake the bridge that I was on. He was saying/yelling, "Didn't they ever call her Lee?" over and over again.

By this time I had gotten to the second third of the bridge, which was half the width of the first part and was made out of wood. This was a bit more stable. So I stopped to think... "Nope, we never called her Lee." This made him mad, but he stopped asking and started to flirt with me. He didn't think I could make it across the last section of the bridge, which was only about a foot wide and made out of the chain-mail that the first part was made out of. I showed him; I sat down on the last section, straddling it and I held onto each side with my hands and started to pull myself across... he thought this was pretty inventive, but he still tried to shake me off. I got across anyway.

Once standing on the floor again, I walked into the room that was there. It was a master bedroom-type room and there were candles burning all around. Guy came and told me that I was now worthy to have sex with him. (I still never really got a good look at him). And I thought that was a pretty good idea. Except, first I had to tuck my Albert(my brother) and Liz(my sista) into bed. So I walked back out of the room. And apparently I'd been transported or something to the other end of the house because in front of me was a very, very, very, very long hallway with the stairs at the end. (the bridge was completely gone). I didn't not find this weird. I tucked my brother into bed and then I checked on my sister. She was playing music with a shower radio and it was being very loud(I think it was shaped like a frog). Anyway, I told her to get ready for school tomorrow and then go to bed. But she needed 2 pieces of chocolate cake to take with her!

So, I went down to the kitchen and cut her two pieces of chocolate cake, put them on plates, covered them with saran-wrap and got plastic forks to go with them. (This took a VERY long time... ) Then I carried them up to her room and she put them in her back pack... seemed perfectly normal. I was on my way back to the master bedroom when I crossed paths with my parents who said good-night and told me not to pay any attention to all the noise because they were going to have sex. (Now this gives me the creeps, but in the dream I was just like, "okay! See you in the morning") When I got back to the master bedroom Guy was gone, so I just went to sleep.

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