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Brain Storming... (lightning strikes!)

I'm brainstorming for my Human Factors paper... so I thought I'd tell everyone about my little game that I like to play. I affectionately call it the "opposite game", but it should really be called the "Is most not like" game. This is how you play:
First, you come up with a thing.
Then you think, "What is the most NOT like a [your thing here]?"
And then you think of something that is TOTALLY not like your thing.
Then you use your new thing and start the process all over again.

This game is great for coming up with ideas about things, or just being silly and starting inside jokes. :-P

So here's what I have from playing by myself for the last 10 minutes or so:

duct tape, poetry, King Kong, Ant, Burlap, SUV, Wok, Rap Music, Violin, spaceship, Chicken, airplane, bathrobe, Library, Tie-dye, Winnie the Pooh, RIT, Russia, Apple Pie, Construction Site,
Wig, Boulder, Lemonade

Now I'm thinking about "What is the coolest thing about a restaurant?"
And I've come up with:
Eating something you like
Eating something different than everyone else
Not eating at home
Having someone else pay for it

Maybe I can come up with something now.
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