Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

It's a Beautiful Day....

Totally great! I'm so ready to get home and set up my computer! :-) But first, I had to go to the RITSMA end of the quarter dinner this evening... and, boy, was that fun! Yea! I had Steak Fajitas(pronounced FA-HE-TA) :-P Pizzaria Uno's has Coke products, so I was in my glory! So far, Uno's has had the best Fajitas that I have had in a fine eating establishment. There could have been more cheese and less sour cream, so I'm still on my quest for the BEST Fajitas ever! Oh, and before we got our food the newly elected E-Board was announced... PR: Cindi, Treasurer: Heather, Secretary: ME!!!!, VP: Bob, Pres: Erin.... basically as predicted... mostly a formality. Good stuff... then after the dinner, we decided something should be done... So I got a ride to Bob&Jones' place... and we ended up watching Moulin Rouge! Great movie! Well, more of a Musical Extravagansa(!).. it was definitely cool. I'm going to go home tomorrow... which means this is probably my last post using this dinosaur of a computer... Yea!!!! Great stuff! I know there was other stuff that I had to say on here... but I seriously can't think of anything! If I don't post before this weekend, GO TIGERS!!!!! :-)
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