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can't.. .think... of... one... blah.

Too tired... very, very, very, tired.

Why do I do so much CRAP!?!??!? I really think I can get straight A's this quarter... but that means doing homework and projects to meet and exceed expectations.. every time. That is difficult to do... especially when the first site is due in approx. 2 weeks and I haven't started coding anything yet... I've got all the ideas and content stuff in my head, so that is a start... and then there's Human Factors... which, so far I've got 100 percent... and I think I did a really good job on my paper that's getting turned in tomorrow.. thanks for editing it, Cindi! :-) And then there's Ed's classes... Singers, no problem. Am. Musical Theater... a bit harder... if I Ace the paper, not so much... as long as the tests stay along the same caliber as the one today(I kicked it's ass... it was on the ground crying for me to stop!) then I'm good to go... Theory II is starting to scare me... we haven't had a test yet, and I don't think we will 'til the 5th week.. and then there's the major composition... I really don't like the idea of "rules" in music... I understand why they are there... but I don't think I'm going to like writing to the rules very much, unfortunate, really. Oh well.. but is fun so far... and I'm really tired, like I said before so we will see if this makes any sense... and I spell checked it so that won't be a problem. hehe... 'night, ya'll! :-D
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