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I've got another conundrum

**Geek speak**
Okay, so it doesn't validate anymore. I added some target="_blank" attributes to the links that are to outside sites so that they would open in new windows.... well guess what? It doesn't validate HTML 4.01 Strict anymore because it doesn't like the target attribute. Well #@!%@#*(%... grrrrr... Now I have 2 choices:
1) Leave the target attributes because if the links open in a new window it makes more sense. I'll just leave off the fact that it doesn't validate.
2) Take the target attributes out because I'm not sure if it has to validate for part of the grade.

This is so frustrating! We aren't allowed to use Javascript or anything we haven't learned in class yet(not that we've learned all that much, I taught myself style sheets... :-/ )
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