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Yet, another dream... yet.

Okay, so this is getting kinda annoying, remembering my dreams, I mean. It's exhausting realizing that my brain was still doing stuff when I was trying to sleep. :-P
I'm just going to go over the pieces, 'cuz their order doesn't really matter....

1) I was proofreading a website or something for someone, but it was a PDF so I couldn't highlight the text to hold my place so I had to concentrate a lot and not do anything else. It was lots of different files, and the information was really very interesting, so I was pissed off when I was almost finished and my alarm went off. I tried to get back to the reading after I hit the snooze button, but it was gone. :-/

2) I was in Ed Schell's 'select' choir. We had to practice with him a lot and I don't know where we were, but it was a pretty weird stage... it was confusing. The select choir was singing the bulk of the song, and the rest of the Singers were singing along with us on "oooh"s and "ooooo"s. It was weird, though, 'cuz the select choir stood somewhere above the stage. We didn't get to stand on the stage , so no one knew who we were. That was annoying. People kept asking me later why I wasn't in the concert and I had to explain that I was... it was weird.

3) I was with my mom(presumably after the concert, 'cuz people kept asking me about it) and we were at this weird house and lots of strange noises were coming out of it. The front half had windows, but the back half did not. There was something about a television show and pennies. I had to go to the bathroom, but to get to the women's room, you had to go through the men's room. Made perfect sense at the time. I walked through the men's room and there were plenty of women in there and when I got into the women's room, there were lots of men in there too. I think it depended which side you were on or something. It was perfectly normal. Then I went out the women's room side and I was back at the house. People were sitting in the front lawn on lawn chairs watching something that wasn't very interesting. I sat down by my mom and we were discussing what we should do because something was obviously wrong. I don't remember what we decided on.

4) And there are lots of random things that I can't figure out how they fit into the rest of the dreams: swinging doors, secret passageways, lots of people, strange stair cases,.....

And I just lost my train of thought because a fire truck went by outside (at least it sounded like a fire truck) with it's sirens on full blast. oh well.
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